Hikaholics is the outdoor community for everyone around the world who wants to go out and explore.
Via Hikaholics you will find the information you need for your next adventure everywhere in the world. It is the mission of the founders to let you fall in love with the outdoors as much as they did. We believe everyone is a Hikaholic in a sense, no matter where you from or what you do. We create a positive and accepting outdoor community for everyone (beginner and pro) who loves the outdoor.


Deen Distel

Hi there!

Hi there!

I'm Deen and together with Alette, I created Hikaholics. As long as I can remember you can find me in the mountains and playing outside.
I conquered my fear of heights while mountaineering, am always up to date on the newest gear and am the happiest person alive when I can make a campfire. My ultimate goal? Hiking the PCT!

Alette Smit

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Alette, co-founder of Hikaholics and an extreme outdoor enthusiast. I fell in love with hiking when I went through some though times in my life. Nature gave me the peace of mind I needed. Hiking got me addicted and I never stopped ever since. You can find me in the meadows, hiking long distances anywhere on earth and packing for our next (micro) adventures.


Deen and Alette founders of hikaholics

Back to 2016...

Since 2016 we are a couple. We knew about each others love for travelling, but never really explored the outdoors together until our first roadtrip.


This camping road trip through France changed everything. We hiked together in the Pyrenees and we never stopped hiking ever since. During this hiking trip the idea of Hikaholics started, because we believe everybody is a Hikaholics in a sense.


That's why we combined our content creating passion (blogging, photo- and video graphing) with our passion for the outdoors. This way, we can share our love for nature.



Let's get to know each other

Do you think your business or company is a perfect fit for Hikaholics? Don't hesitate and send an e-mail to hello@hikaholics.com, or a message via Instagram or Facebook

We are looking forward to collaborate with you! From sponsored social media content, to press trips and campaigns. Just ask and we will arrange a meeting where we can chat about our future collaboration.

guest blogger

Want to be a Hikaholic?

Are you into writing, loving the outdoors and having a best kept outdoor secret you want to share? Let's connect!
Send an e-mail to hello@hikaholics.com with a short pitch about yourself and your blog idea/future collaboration idea. Put in the subject 'guest blogger request'
We are looking forward to connect and talk about our future plans together. 

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