Beginner hike to lake Seebensee, Austria

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Tyrol, Austria is the place to start falling in love with hiking. The hiking trails are well maintained, marked incredibly and categorised from beginner to extreme. The hike to the mountain lake called Seebensee, Tyrol, is a beginner friendly hike, which can be extended to a more difficult hike. Let’s enjoy the stunning views from an easy hike to this insanely blue mountain lake, the Seebensee. 

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Hike: From Ehrwalder alm to Coburgerhütte via Seebensee
Distance: 16 kilometers, less when you skip the hike to Coburgerhütte
Elevation: 152 meter to Seebensee or 412 meter to Coburger Hut
Parking: Ehrwalder Almbahn (Ehrwald)
Water refill supply: Yes, multiple mountain huts along the hike
Difficulty: Easy to Seebensee, Medium to Coburger Hut


The beginner friendly hike to this stunning mountain lake, called Seebensee, is a real tourist spot. So a big recommendation is to visit this breath taking lake in the early morning or late evening. You can start your hike at the Ehrwalder alm by taking a cable car from the foot of the mountain. The timetable and prices for the cable car can be found here

At the end of the cable car there are two mountain huts, where you can get drinks and meals. The first one is the small and cute Ehrwalder Alm and next to this is alm a big so called Tirolerhaus is build.

TIP: In the are of the Zugspitz arena you can get a ‘Hüttenpass’ (Mountain hut pass) at the local Tourist Information Center. With this pass you can earn your own hiking pin.


This hike start at an altitude of 1505 meters at the Ehrwalder Almbahn mountain station. You will ascend to the Seebensee at 1657 meters. So there is a small ascend of 150 meters. The Seebensee is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and easy to reach lakes in the Zugspitz area. So it is a real gem for beginner hikers who love the beautiful mountain landscape. 

For the first 30 minutes you will follow a wide gravel paths with lots of other tourists. After this the trail takes a turn and ends up on a small path through the forest. You don’t have to share this path with mountain bikers or other vehicles, so you can walk relaxed with the Zugspitz mountain in the background view. Within 45 minutes you will see a small Alm appearing in the distance, which is the Seebenalm


The Seebenalm is an authentic Austrian alm, right around the corner of the Seebensee. Here you can have a drink or a meal. There is a water supply and you can collect your next temple for your Hiking pin collection. The Seebenalm is also the endstation for the Via Ferrata ‘Seeben’.

When you are at the Seebenalm, you will hear the waterfall (Seebenwaterfall) in the background. You can decide to make a quick detour from the trail to the Seebensee, so you can see the waterfall. The views on top of the waterfall are amazing!

beginner hike to Seebensee Austrian mountain lake


From the Seebenalm to the Seebense, it is less than 30 minutes hiking. You know you are almost there, because it gets more crowded and you will hear numerous of cowbells. Suddenly, the magnificent lake will appear in front of you. The water is clear blue, the mountains are enormous and the ginger cows are magnificent. This view is straight out an Austrian magazine. The big plus? It is extremely easy to reach.

Luckily, the lake is big enough for everyone. Walk along the banks of this stunning blue mountain lake and you will find a quiet spot to enjoy the amazing views. 

Beginner hike Seebensee, Austria, Tyrol


In need of more adventure? Than you have the option to climb to the Coburgerhütte, which is a mountain cabin at an altitude of 1917 meters.

Along the Seebensee there are enough trail signs which lead you the way to the Coburger Hut. Unfortunately wou will not be the only tourist who decide to go hike further. In almost a train formation you will climb to this mountain hut. But to be honest, this tourist-train is definitely worth the views at the top.  The path is so beautiful. It is constant views over the Seebensee and the Zugspitz mountain. Because it is a steep climb, the people who stay at the Seebensee quickly turn into ant-size. It is amazing to see.

The Coburger Hut itself is a small mountain cabin between gigantic rocky mountains with a small blue mountain lake in front of it. At this mountain hut you have different options to continue your hike. But strongly recommendations: Plan a long hike in advance. Safety first, overall.

Mountain lake at Coburger hut, Austria, tyrol


Overall this beginner hike to the Seebensee (and the extension to Coburgerhütte) is a huge recommendation. It is an easy route to the Seebensee, which is absolutely stunning. Everything you wish for, this trail delivers: the cows, the views and the magical blue water. It is absolutely a must to visit and this hike to the Seebensee is even a hike suitable for kids. You can extent your hike to every degree if you are more of an adventure seeker. The only downside? You have to share it with lots of other tourists.


Have you ever been to the Seebensee? Let us know in the comments if you would love to hike here.

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