Lacing technique for wide hiking shoes

by hikaholics

O no, you bought your most beloving, fantastic, outdoorsy hikingboots and suddenly they feel way too wide. Maybe you are wearing thinner socks than before or your feet have magically shrunk, but do not be afraid. Here is the perfect solution for you! In this blog you will find the lacing technique for wide hiking shoes.


Step 1: Untie your shoes completely

Step 2: Tie your shoelaces until the spot where the shoe is too wide

Step 3: Make a regular knot, but instead of wrapping the laces around eachother one time, you make the knot twice. You will get a strong knot: “knot-bar”. It will look like the knot in the picture

Step 4: Pull the knot until it feels secure enough for you

Step 5: Tie your shoe laces regular

Repeat step 3 at each spot which feels too wide for you. 


But be carefull! Don’t ever tie your shoe laces too tide. Otherwise you might get the thingly feeling, because you have cut off your bloodstream.

Disclaimer: The hiking shoes in this video are purely used for the step by step lacing technique and fit perfectly.


Let us know in the comments down below if you have special lacing techniques for your hiking shoes.

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