Darn Tough ‘s amazing hiking socks knocked my socks off

by Alette - Hikaholic

Searching for the best quality and durable hiking socks? Hikaholic Alette reviews the hiking socks named “Hiker Boot Midweight with cushion” from Darn Tough after 1,5 years of use. Darn Tough also produces socks for other outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and trail running. However, Alette will be only reviewing the hiking socks. 


Price:  €32,95(Current EU price, USA price)
Weight: 85 gram, 3 ounces
64% merino wool 33% nylon 3% spandex
Material type: Merino wool
Sock height: 
Sock cushioning: Medium cushioning
Quick drying: yes
Moisture wicking:
RWS-certified: yes



They sell their socks in four different sizes. You can choose between a small, medium or large. The size you have depends on your shoe size. When you buy the socks there is a size table so you can see which size you need.
I have an European size 39, so I need the medium size.

Darn Tough also sells different models and heights. The crew height I have is a height for your regular hiking boots. Eventhough I wear trailrunners, I love this height, because you can pull them till your calf. Especially in the winter months.


Darn Tough stitching technique is a game changer. It is totally seamless. The seam is undetectable and gives you an ultra smooth and invisible feel. It is absolutely amazing. I haven’t had any blisters while wearing these socks. Even when I wore this socks in completely new shoes.



Merino is a special breed of sheep, highly prized for its soft and finely crimped wool.

Its wool is nature’s most incredible high-performance fiber. It’s breathable, durable, thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, non-itchy, odor-resistant, and renewable, too. Do I need to say more?

To be clear: you can make merino wool stink, merino wool has the ability to absorb moisture without creating an environment to grow smelly bacteria. But like to everything, there is a limit. We haven’t found it yet!

On top of that, Darn Tough only use merino wool which is RWS-certified, which is a voluntary standard to protect animal welfare.

merino wool hiking socks darn tough


Darn Tough is really straight forward about their guarantee. They want their customers to be happy customers. On their website they say “If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair. No strings. No conditions.” Isn’t that great? They guarantee your socks for life! That’s perfect for hikers, because as a hiker you want perfect fitting, durable socks where you can count on every day of your hikerlife.


I really like that the company is still based in Vermont, in the USA. After so many decades you could think why is Darn Tough still were it started? Well why not! They say that the production in Vermont is the only way they do it. There are faster and cheaper alternatives for productions, but they want to be in charge over the quality they stand for.


I have two pairs of Darn Tough hiking socks. One I already own for over 1,5 year and the other pair is only a couple months old. And I don’t see any difference between the pair. These socks are absolutely heroes. I use them intensively, but can’t see any usage on them. 


Because Darn Tough commits to the lifetime guarantee, they produces a product that good so you can use it for the rest of your life. By making a more durable product, they will sell less socks, but it is one of the best ways to minimise the usage of raw materials. And on top of that they try to improve and learn every day on how to improve their sustainability so their footprint will be smaller.


I really like the cushioning of the Darn Tough socks. Under your foot, toes and heel the socks are a bit thicker, so you have enough damping while hiking. Even the cushioning feels as brand-new as one year ago. I had never any pain under need my feet after a long hike.



I couldn’t come up with don’t likes about the Darn Toughs. So I’ve googled points for improvement about the socks and the only thing I could find was people saying they find the Darn Tough hiking socks too expensive. Maybe someone could say they are a bit more pricy than others sock-brands, but I think you pay a fair price for the quality. I always say quality over quantity. In my eyes the price is still extremely low for socks you will have and enjoy the rest of your life! Buy nice, or buy twice.


The Darn Tough hiking socks knocked my socks off. After over 1,5 year of using, I am still extremely happy with the socks. 

They still fit perfectly, aren’t damaged or worn out in anyway and I wear them almost every day. They are odor free, made out of ethical responsible fabrics, temperature regulated. It’s just amazing. I can’t recommend this brand enough.

What do you think about DarnTough socks? What do you like and is there an aspect you don’t like about these socks? Let us know in the comments or click here to read more gear reviews.

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Carmen Castricum 15/10/2021 - 06:47

Thanks for this detailed review! For me, a higher-priced product usually tells me it’s higher quality as well. This review confirmed that thought. I will def. think about purchasing Darn Tough’s hiking socks next time!

hikaholics 18/10/2021 - 20:41

That’s so true! Let us know when you’ve bought them and if you like them as much as we do 🙂

Kristel 15/10/2021 - 15:50

We lived on a station with Merino sheep and learned there about the quality of their wool. The fact that Darn Tough uses this kind of fabric says enough!

hikaholics 18/10/2021 - 20:44

Wow, that’s so cool! Such a great experience to be so close to this sustainable way of producing materials.

Michelle 07/11/2021 - 10:53

Love the detailed review. I might look into their snowboard socks, thanks!

hikaholics 08/11/2021 - 17:18

You should def do that Michelle! They keep your feet extremely warm. Where are you planning to go snowboarding?


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